Being chastised at a show…

Stitched Organic Round Glass BeadSo, following up on my inability to answer the phone while I’m working at the torch and also my lack of responsibility in checking my phone messages, I had a run-in with someone in Tucson.  Well, I wouldn’t call it a run-in because I was basically left with my jaw hanging open.  We needed some excitement anyway.

The way the Tucson show was set up was that there were what I call ‘pods’ with a rectangle of tables set up of about 12-14 sellers with a common area that we all shared behind us…not your typical 10×10 booth set up.  That means we spent time together during the show.

Anyway, it was slow one day and a woman came up to my booth and said, “Lori Greenberg?” to which I said “Yes.”  And I’m using quote marks here but I don’t have the exact transcript:

Her:  You don’t return your phone messages.

Me:  Blank stare [knowing that she’s part right.  I return them, when I retrieve them]

<>Her:  With vehemence.  I left you three messages last week and I wanted to get a birthday present from you for a friend.   But you didn’t return any of my calls. With total lack of realization that last week was the biggest crunch week for anyone sitting at that show with me.

Me:  Blank stare.  Mouth starting to fall open, speechless.   I apologize, I don’t recall getting your messages.  Trying to place in my head what she was talking about because I do check my business messages much better.

<>Her:  Well, that’s fine.  I went to Marcia’s and got something.  And she walked away.  (Marcia was my first teacher who has a school up the road a way).My pod partners and helper just cracked up and asked, “What was that?” and you know, I couldn’t tell them.  I had no clue.  She didn’t stop to say hi to Marcia, who was right next to me and she just disappeared.  I think she came to the show just to find me and chastise me.  I did check my messages when I got home and here’s my side of the story…none of it expempting me from the fact that I should have checked my messages more regularly and returned the call to tell her that I couldn’t help her.

<><>Anyway, you know Tucson, and if you’ve ever done a show or an event you know what the week before is like.  Feverishly preparing any and all inventory that you can.  Making sure you have everything you need to travel to a show.  Making sure orders are filled before you leave.  Making sure you have your business cards printed and in-hand.  Making sure baby sitters are arranged.  Making sure there’s a fridge full of food for the family.  Confirming your travel arrangements.  Making sure you have light bulbs for your display, etc. etc. etc.

<><>I had a few things on my mind besides checking my phone messages a few days before I left.  I also guess I should go put an FAQ on my site that also says that I don’t have studio hours for the public and need to be more firm on that when people ask during shows if they can ‘stop up’  to the studo.
Whew.  So, that’s the ‘new me’.  Telling you about things that I thought in the past could be a turn-off to people to read.  Maybe it is.  But you’re going to get all of me.  For the most part.  Sometimes.


2 responses to “Being chastised at a show…

  1. when i am too busy to have people leaving me “instuctional messages” i just turn the answering machine off. in fact i turned it off several months ago before a vacation – and have never turned it back on. the thing is a menace… if you have 6 messages, that means there are six more things for you to do.

  2. Oooo! Great idea. Now, why didn’t I think of that? My business line is my cell phone so I don’t think I can turn off the voice mail but I CAN change the outgoing message! I put notices on my web site when I’m off to a show or in the thick of inventory…why not the phone? Thanks Lucinda!!

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