The AT&T lady…speed it up!

monet earringsI better write now before my head explodes.  It’s that season and I feel the sinus aches coming.  But I’m a good girl.  I load up on my Tylenol Sinus or DayQuil and often can circumvent it.  No down time for me!  (hope I don’t eat those words).

Anyway, we recently had our voice mail system switched over which meant setting up a new mailbox with a new PIN.  And, of course, anything that doesn’t look like a bill or a check in the mail gets tossed aside, many times to just be thrown in the trash.  I need to be careful of that because it means that important new PINs can be lost forever.  Needless to say, that is what happened to my new voice mail PIN.

Well, I did get the box set up before I left for Tucson, after sitting on tech support with AT&T or whoever it is that we have our phone with and being asked three times, “Are you sure you don’t have the PIN that was mailed to you?  They sent it.”  And telling them, no, I don’t have it anymore, I threw it out by accident.  Hello?  Are you listenting to me?  I’m an idiot and I know I should be more careful.  Can you ask me one more time to make sure I really feel awful?  Jeez.  How the silly little things like that can really make you feel incompetent in life.

<>Anyway again, I had to reset the PIN and left for Tucson, not giving the new PIN to my husband.  Just today I went to check voice mail.  33 messages.  ARGH.  I just spent the last half hour retrieving messages with only two requiring any action.  (I’ll get to you, Nancy…I’m still digging out and trying to catch up).  I don’t know what I dislike more…answering the phone or retrieving messages.  I think I wouldn’t mind retrieving messages so much if that dang woman would speed it up!  I mean, she’s a machine, does she really need time to search for words to tell me, “Message number nineteen, received Tuesday, January thirty-first, from six-oh-two-four-three-three-one-two-three-four, at six-thirty-three p.m.”  and THEN I have to listen to the message or usually a telemarketer or a hang up.  Could they just give me the message first and the details afterwards?  Then I can decide whether to immediately delete or get to when it was sent.

<>Ok, I’ll stop.  I’m sure you didn’t come here to listen to me rant.  Off to write a post for tomorrow about a lovely non-customer that reamed me at my show.  You’ll like that one.

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