Bustin’ out…

Ok.  So the post about the ‘new me.’  It’s really not some great revelation in the grand scheme of things but hey, one person’s tiny step is another person’s magnificent stride in life.  So, what the heck am I talking about?  I’m finally ready to turn the corner of not caring what people think.  Let me rephrase that…I don’t think I can get over that hurdle in one fell swoop (what does that mean? fell swoop?) but I’m ready to start standing up for myself a bit more.  Ya ready for it?

So, what brought this about?  Well, maybe turning 40 has something to do with it but if so, it’s subconsciously because I haven’t been actively thinking things like, ‘I’m not getting any younger, I better start looking out for me’ (that was last year) or anything like that.  I do know that I’ve done things for a while now, or should I say, have avoided doing things that I thought would make other people unhappy, often at my own expense.  I’ve turned down opportunities because of what someone might think or out of a warped sense of loyalty…and I know that this is all making very little sense to you, but maybe not.  If you’re the kind of person that is always worried about what someone will think when you do something, mabye you can relate and will turn this corner with me.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?  Yikes.  Don’t answer that.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit empowered.  Ew.  That word is almost as bad as ’embrace’ from yesterday.  I gotta be meeee.  I gotta be freeee.

2 responses to “Bustin’ out…

  1. I applaud your new outlook! Congrats on not caring what anyone thinks and shouting it from the virtual online rooftops. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted this (with a link back, of course) on my Turning 40 site. I think its inspiring.

    Happy FORTY and beyond!!


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