Embrace your annoying self…

Fluttered something or otherI’ll take a break from the Tucson Series of blog posts today so those of you reading along for a little comic relief don’t abandon me.  So today I will give you a chance to laugh at me rather than with me. 

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been using the word ’embrace’ a lot.  I’m the person that gets annoyed with catch phrases or trendy sayings.  Wait.  Aren’t those the same thing?  Like ‘happy camper’.  That one used to really get to me.  No offense to all y’all ‘happy camper’ users out there.  But embrace?  That’s not even catchy and it’s so, what?  Seventies? 

Where is it coming up?  Well, I’m trying to go with the flow of myself rather than hoping or wishing I was something other than myself or had something other than my own patterns.  So, I’m ’embracing’ my clutter.  And ’embracing’ my workaholicism (?) .  And ’embracing’ my procrastination.  And I’m trying to ’embrace’ my whatever it is that I’m trying to accept about myself.  Now, you might say that ’embracing’ those particular things might be the opposite of what I should be doing.  I should be cleaning up, or working less, or snapping to it.  My theory though, is that if I ’embrace’ it, that it will lose its power and I’ll just be ok then.

Is any of this making sense?  It’s really not as bad as it seems.  These kinds of things are what happens when you spend weeks sitting in front of a blazing torch for hours on end making inventory.  Now that show season is history, I have the time to write about it all.  Lucky you.

Which reminds me…I need to go write a post about the ‘new me’.  Not that it will seem much different to you but I’ve entered a new cycle of things.  So, watch for that soon.

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