Blabiddy blah blah…

Brights LeftWhew.  I’m a little anxious today.  Even though shows are a lot of work and personal interaction that I’m usually sheltered from, I didn’t realize how relaxing it was to be away.  I’m back in the studio today and the busy feeling has returned, almost immediately.  Very strange.  Instead of sitting here typing I should get back at it!

<>Shown here are a few of what’s left of the brights that I had been working on before Tucson.  I never showed them for sale because I needed inventory.  Sorry for the dim pictures…I’m rushing.  As suspected, most of them sold the first day.  I guess I’ll be doing more brights…but with less busy designs.  That is, after I fill an order that is going to take me a couple weeks.  I’m really excited about a new style that has been invading my brain that involves working in a totally different way…more painterly, but not really.  🙂

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