Spandex and Hairspray…

Monet EarringsEvery once in a while I click on one of those links that will take you to a random web site under a given category.  I think they’re called ‘Rings’, or at least they used to be.  That sounds kind of outdated to me though.  This time I clicked on a link to go to a random blog.  Now, that’s pretty wide open.  It took me to a blog where the woman writes about her life growing up in the 80s.  Spandex and Hairspray.  Now, while that could be boring talking about big hair and parachute pants (unless it’s done right, of course, then it could be hilarious if that was your time) it sounds like it would be a blast (does that sound 80s?) to write about your specific life during your school years.  Meaning, writing about all of the old boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, parties, angst, fun, etc.  That also could be boring considering you don’t know any of the people being talked about.  Again, it would have to be done well.

I’ve thought about that.  Writing about old boyfriends and friends and some of the crazy things we did but I always stopped myself because, for one, I don’t want someone googling their own name and leading them right to me, and two, I don’t know how flattering it would all be and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Not that they would ever even know my blog exists but you gotta write expecting that the last person you’d expect to read it will.  And not that it would be a bad thing if someone found me.  It’s funny…I guess I’m more weirded out about people I’ve known, reading about my life than total strangers that I’ve never met before (you) reading about my life.

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