Top 5 things for a seller to take to Tucson…

Astral Taco BeadsWith Tucson drawing near (next week!) I’m digging out my show checklist and thought I’d share some things that are essential to a successful show.  In no particular order, here we go:

1.  Thick skin.  You just never know what those wacky customers are going to come up with.  At my last show I got, “Oh, what a nice hobby.” Thank-you-very-much.

2.  Chap Stick.  Medicated Chapstick in the light blue tube, is preferred.  I don’t know why, but at every single show I do I get chapped lips.  The only thing I’ve been able to surmise is that I smile more than I ever smile in ‘real life’ and the stretching of the lip skin provides more surface area that is exposed to the elements that usually isn’t.  That leads to chapping.

3.  Duct Tape.  Aside from the fact that it can do just about anything you need at your booth, it also heals blisters.  So, if you’ve forgotten your most comfortable shoes because I didn’t put them on this list to remind you, and you get a blister on your heel, put a piece of Duct Tape on it each morning.  You will be amazed that at the end of the day when you go to remove it, it doesn’t stick to your skin.  It just lifts right off.  And you didn’t even notice your blister all day!!!  I hear it works for warts too, and recommended by doctors.  Read my previous post about it here.

4.  GPS.  This one only applies to those who are driving to the shows or renting a car.  I can’t tell you how much time I spend reading maps on how to get to restaurants, and then back to the hotel and then to the show in the morning.  Not to mention how many times I get lost trying to find the place.  By the 3rd day of the show I know how to get to there…just in time to go home.  Also, did you know that GPS (I’m not sure if all of them do this) can tell you where to find your favorite restaurants and destinations just by entering their name?  You know I’ll be typing in “S-T-A-R-B-U-C-K-S” and saving it to memory.  Anyone want me to pick one up for them?

5.  Bathing Suit and Robe.  I know it’s February and even though it’s Tucson, Arizona, it’s still cold.  BUT.  If your hotel has a hot tub, there is nothing like it at the end of a long day for sore muscles.  I wouldn’t know that firsthand because I could only sit and drool as I watched a few other people in there at the September show.  I was SO sore from standing and smiling all day that I could just FEEL how good my body would have felt if I were in there with them.  This time, I bring my bathing suit.  Heck, if you don’t have one, bring shorts and a T-shirt…you’ll wish you would have once you see them in there and you’re left in the cold.  Literally.

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