Get Rid of Clutter…

Monet BeadYep.  I discovered the cure for clutter.  I would be a zillionaire if I could patent it.  But alas, it’s too simple to be patented.  The answer?  Green house plants.  Nice big fluffy ones that have leaves that hang down.  They act as a jungle-like camouflage.  Any clutter within 2 feet looks less like clutter because you focus on the plants.  Try it. 

I finally realized that the reason things look cluttered to me around here is because we have never really decorated our house.  Yeah, that’s it.  We got married and moved in a little over 6 years ago and brought what we already had.  Six months later we decided to start a family and all decorating plans were put on hold.  It’s not like we really had any plans though.  We were still recuperating from how much it cost to put in hard wood floors.  Little did I know that I’d go into a loop of saying, ‘When the kids get older we’ll get new furniture.  THEN we’ll decorate like we really want to.  THEN we’ll get nice things.’  I’m not sure at what age that happens but I’m still saying it.

I hear some of you saying that you just teach the kids not to make messes or slime furniture with pizza grease.  But I know me.  I’d be constantly barking orders and I feel like I already do enough of that.  We’re working at eating only at the table or at the little table in the play room.  But sometimes it’s fun to sit at the coffee table and watch tv.  And it’s fun to watch the kids run around and play karate or swords (or whatever other physical kind of game I refuse to take part in) with daddy.  Although I do get in my kicks of running and hiding behind doors and screaming to scare the cr@p out of Greer.  I wouldn’t do it if she didn’t love it so much but that is one way to get a good, deep laugh out of her.  She’s going to be like her auntie Jules who also loves to be scared.

Anyway…I have this other little quirk about decorating the house too.  I have a vision…as yet, unrealized, but still a vision.  I want everything to have some type of meaning.  And I want to love every single piece.  Not so much furniture but decorative accents.  As a rule, I’m not a real sentimental person, although I have my moments when my dad gives me something special…probably because on the outside he doesn’t seem sentimental, but I know what’s inside.  But I want to furnish my home with all pieces of art that my husband and I buy together at art shows or on vacations.  Pieces where you meet the artist and learn about what they do.  Things that speak to us.  So far, in 6 years we’ve accumulated about 15 pieces.  Not huge statement pieces but nice little things that have meaning.  I guess we should start going to more shows and actually taking vacations.

Oh, and did I mention that the Monet’s are coming back?  I’m preparing for Tucson and will put some on the web site for sale soon too.  Do they still interest you?

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