Bye bye frit testing…

It is with saddness that I had to withdraw from being a frit tester for Glass Diversions.   I’m not sad that I can’t test as much as that I committed to something and fell short.  I work a lot with frit but I never realized how different it can be working with blends.  See, I layer mine but they’re solid colors on top of each other, for the most part.  That is how I blend.  I’m one of those strange people (if there are even others) that could never get the hang of blends…I need to do more than have a solid base with one sprinkle or encasement.

But anyway, you can see what I mean here:

Frit Testing

These were my last attempts at testing…French Tarragon Frit Blend on hollow bases of Lauscha Wedgewood, Effetre Transparent Dark Blue and Effetre Dark Transparent Aqua.  Oh, and to be different, a little white enamel under half of it.  While they looked cool going into the kiln, they didn’t have the effect I expected.  I’m thinking of etching them.  So, now you can see why testing isn’t the best thing for me…part of the process is to do a good job so people want to buy the product, right?  Well, would these make you want to buy French Tarragon.  Don’t answer that and trust that it’s a cool frit…I’m just blendularly-challenged.

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