Hollow Face Part Beads…

Here’s an example of beads that took on a life of their own…almost literally.  While I was making hollows I thought, ‘Hey, these could make some pretty cool bobbly eye balls.’  Well, I haven’t perfected the eyeballs yet, although this one is ok.  In the process I realized that my Pop Art process yielded some other pretty cool body parts.

Hollow Face Parts

Call them mouths, call them what you like.  I’m in inventory mode right now so I can’t play too much more with this but you can bet they will be revisted.  they also might go along the lines of the organ beads that were inspired by my first shards this summer.  Check out the Cabin Retreat 2006 page to see them…all the way at the bottom.  Sheryll Hubbard (Ms. Booger) has this whole intricate fantasy about organ beads…I think she said she almost perfected the pancreas.  Now I can see her intrigue…these hollows are just asking to be organ beads…which is interesting because organs are actually solid.  Ok, let’s not go there…I’m starting to gross my own self out.

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