Enameled BeadAs I posted this bead picture today in a forum thread it reminded me, once again, that I owe a version of this to someone as part of a trade that we made months ago.  (I also owe a couple other beads but since they weren’t a trade, they haven’t been too high on my list).

Anyway, it got me to thinking about trades and I wonder what other people think about them.  For those of you not familiar with trades, it’s when you, well…trade.  Usually bead for bead or maybe a few beads for one bead or maybe even something other than a bead for a bead.  It’s a way of collecting other people’s beads without actually purchasing them with cold cash.

There are many ‘philosophies’ of trading that I’ve heard.  Some people believe in ‘trade ’em if you got ’em.’  Others have said that they don’t trade either because they can’t afford to…they need to sell their beads to make their living, or it’s not equitable.  I’ve been in the first group but now I’m leaning more towards the second group since my beads have gone up in size and price.

If I’m ever feeling that trades might not be ‘equitable’ then I guess I really shouldn’t be trading in those types of settings anyway because that’s not really what it’s about.  I’m talking about where trading isn’t a spontaneous, one-on-one thing but where it’s an event meant specifically for that.  I’m uncomfortable taking that position but I guess that’s what happens when you start to have a larger dollar value on your work.  Thoughts?

Oops.  And I forgot something.  I’ve also made a couple trades, like the one I listed above where I still owe the bead…in this instance, they owe me and haven’t heard anything from the people.  What do you do?  Do you contact them?  They have my beads.  Do you just chalk it up?  Hm.  If I’m owing any of you beads, let me know.  I know there was one where I said I’d send someone a bead and I lost their name and address and couldn’t find them again.  If you read this, let me know!  I also have heard of other people who don’t get their ends of the trades and that is sad to me.  I know it’s hard to ask for something from someone that owes you and I know that life gets crazy.  But, if you’re an ‘owe-er’, drop the ‘owe-ee’ a line and let them know you haven’t forgotten…it will go a long way.

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