More reflections…

So, yesterday I was ‘reflecting on me’ and I got way off track.  I’m going to try to get what I wanted to say out now.  I’ve been thinking about this blogging thing lately and wondering just what people know about me.  There are things that I’m reluctant to blog about because most of my doings on line are linked to my business and I don’t want to offend anyone.  Not that I’d be offensive but there are people that get offended if they know you’re a certain this, that, or the other.

What am I talking about?  Dare I say it?  I’m a Republican.  Ah ha ha ha ha.  That just sounds hilarious to say.  Please finish reading before you make your judgement.  I once wrote an essay called “I’m a Republocrat and I can’t Stand up.”  Meaning I was chicken to admit that I play both sides.  It was a long time ago but I think it was around the time of the Bush-Gore fiasco and I was devastated.  I’ll have to go find it.  The bottom line was, I liked Clinton, I love(d) Al Gore but I have many conservative beliefs…more conservative than I do liberal.  The second time I did vote Bush, but I chalk that up to all the terrorist fear stuff and thinking Dems would be soft on defense.  Now everyone has lots of reasons to judge!  I hit about every hot button with presidents there, didn’t I?  Oh wait, I didn’t mention Hillary.  Anyway, I don’t usually talk politics because if you flat out say you’re one or the other, people make all kinds of judgements based on that one word. 

Anyway…as I’ve been thinking about my conservative-ness, conservativity, conservatanism (I could be a good Rep., couldn’t I?  I can make up good words)…and the ‘intensity’ that I talked about yesterday thought wow.  If people only knew the truth.  I mean, I can get pretty intense on topics if I’m comfortable enough with you. BUT.  Yes BUT!  That doesn’t mean I don’t respect your views.  Like I said yesterday, I can see both sides of many things.  Just because I hold onto one doesn’t mean yours, or anyone elses, isn’t equally as valid to me.

SO.  If I ever say something that you might think, ew, I don’t like how she thinks about that…please just laugh at and with me, ok?  I can laugh at my own intensity and sometimes rigidity.  It can be endearing, really.  Consider it passion…not judgment.

The thing is…I’m getting tired of being politically correct.  Of censoring what I write about (when some things could be hilarious) because I’m afraid of someone with different beliefs not coming back because they have a different view from me.  By politically correct I don’t mean handicap jokes or racial jokes or those kinds of things.  No no no…That’s not in me.  I’m talking about not talking about something if it’s controversial.  Do you know how exausting that is?

Ok, so there it is.  You ready for it or you going to move on to

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