What effect do blogs have on you?

What effect do you think reading specific blogs regularly have on us? Have you ever noticed that the more you hang around someone, the more you act like them? Pick up their little sayings, maybe even an accent? You discover and like the same things? Well, I’m wondering if reading someone’s blog can have that effect too. There are a few that I read regularly (the ones listed to the right over there, JC, Cathy and Linda) and I find that I enjoy how they write and mostly what they write about…not to mention some cool beads.

As I said before, I periodically have time to search for other interesting blogs and I try them out but not many stick. For a while I read dooce.com, which I found entertaining but it just started to get ‘old’…and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just got tired of reading about someone else’s life that I didn’t know or didn’t have a connection to (like my beady blog ‘friends’). Though the writing style and humor are entertaining (at dooce), I think I would rather read a book with a plot where I know the characters just as well…maybe even better.

The difference in the Big 3 that I listed are that I really have met them and we hold something in common…glass beads. I do have more lampwork friends out there and I would read their blogs too, if they had them. I would probably love blogs by loco and the Boogers. Sorry, no web sites to link to either. I bet John and Jan of Check Glass would be entertaining too. But I know, blogging (or writing at all for that matter) isn’t for everyone.  Some people have lives.

So, do I start acting like JC, Linda or Cathy? I hope not. (Just kidding, guys). But they do get me thinking and that is a cool thing that a lot of face-to-face friends don’t do for you…or maybe it’s the nature of being face-to-face that doesn’t give you time to sit and ponder people’s words. HEY! A benefit of the internet!

JC gets me thinking a lot…whether she knows it or not. A little JC story…we we were at the fall Best Bead Show in Tucson and she came up to my booth and chatted for a while. When she left my mom made the comment, something to the effect of, ‘she could be your sister.’ I don’t know if that was a weirder (?) experience for my mom or for me to hear it from my mom. I bet if I hung out with her more I’d start acting like her more…which would really mean acting like myself a few years ago.  I’ve gotten old and stodgy since I had 2 kids and she’s still young and perky.

<>Linda? Well, I only know here from the Michigan Cabin Retreat but I have a feeling I could start acting like her…she seems like a cool mom and I want to be that when my kids get older.  And Cathy?  I don’t really know her well enough and it scares me a little to think about having lizards and a guy that wears the same pair of pants for a year.  I think reading her blog is close enough…I’d probably get into too much trouble if she were around.

Ok, obligatory bead reference.  More hollows in the Cirque in Gray color scheme.  Why don’t you people wear more gray?!


Cirque Gray Hollows

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