Large Amber Stitched BeadI’ve added a new category, Creativity, just because I’m trying to get more specific in my tagging.  Why?  Who knows.  I get like that when I’m so busy that my life feels out of control.  The rationale being that he more I can organize some things, the less organized I’d feel other places.  I also do that when I can’t get into the studio to ‘work’ and all I can do is clean.  Whew.  Is that making you feel anxious as you read it?  It does me.

Anyway, once in a while I go on a quest for interesting blogs…usually over long holidays when I’m home with the kids and we’re having jammie days.  I found this post, Creativity on Speed which has nothing to do with my past post, Drugs and Creativity…no, it’s the actual kind of speed…doing things FAST.  I found parts of it interesting and it made sense.  They talked about things like Poety Slams and I’m guessing that freestyle rapping would be this too.  In our world I would compare it to a flame-off.  Not so much where you have something planned and rehearsed but maybe more along the lines of giving certain supplies and tools and then a theme right before you start.  That would be cool.

So it made me wonder…how do I do, trying to be creative quickly?  Yikes.  While I don’t sit down and design, there is a very methodical approach to how I come up with designs.  And it’s very Zen.  Can you be fast and Zen at the same time?  I would think so.  It’s kind of like the method of listening to loud, hard rock music to calm my mind.  The only thing I do quickly is try things out but it’s already come from a pre-conceived idea.  Who the heck has time to try these kinds of exercises?  Maybe after Tucson.

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