2007 Goals

Foiled Stitched BeadSo, is it a cop-out goal to say that I want to double my income this year and the way I’m going to do it is by working my rear end off?  I know it’s not a cop out to set a goal but it’s pretty lame to just say I’m going to work hard to achieve it.  I mean, that’s a recipe for failure, isn’t it?  Where are my action points?  My steps to getting there?  That’s a dreamer’s kind of goal.  Nothing wrong with dreaming but I need to be practical too.  It was easy to set that goal when my first years income was $6000.  That’s not hard to double just by working hard and consistently.  But this year I did well and while I don’t think it’s unrealistic to want to double it, I will have to be creative in how that manifests because I already work hard.

One difference this year is that I am only working for me.  I don’t have any outside jobs or projects.  So that gives me more time to focus.  I also don’t have any outside writing projects planned (well, maybe a couple articles) that will take me away from creating.  Any writing I do will be in ‘spare time’ rather than taking a couple/few months ‘off’ to do a project.

I’ll have to think about this some more.

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