Humbug to the wind…

Stitched GeometricSo, this morning I got to sleep in a little.  Both kids came into our bed last night and while that doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep, the fact that I have run out of ear plugs (hubby’s a snorer) made it clear that I would not be getting a good night’s sleep in my own bed.  Yeah, I could have moved the kids but it was easier to go into Greer’s new ‘big girl bed’.  Ahhhh.  But, alas, I am getting old.  I am so spoiled by my own bed that if I sleep in any other bed I wake up with aching bones. Wah wah.

Anyway, it was still nice to sleep in and when I got up to have my coffee and catch up with friends I saw that my friend Linda in Utah had a new blog post that confirmed why I haven’t started decorating the outside of my house for Christmas. I love Linda’s blog!  Last year was the first year I’ve ever been in the Christmas spirt.  Ever.  That’s what kids will do to you.  So this year the kids and I put up our tree, a garland for the fire place, stockings and even put together a Thomas the Train set that they got from their grandpa, around the tree…complete with steam.  And then I started thinking about the outside.

While I never even thought about what Linda wrote about, I pondered the fact that no one even sees our decorations but us.  So, the giant snow blowing snow globe was out of the question.  We had one for Halloween and the kids liked it but it was kind of a waste…being a generation of electronic garage door openers, we don’t use our front door so we never even saw it unless we made a special trip to the front of the house to gaze into it.

Driving around town I considered other lighting solutions.  I like how those drippy, icicle-like strings of lights look but, they usually come in really short lengths and I couldn’t imagine how many we’d need.  This year’s decorating budget went to a new tree.  Then I thought about spiraling lights up the poles on our front patio.  Nah, that just looks too sparse to me.  I do like how people outline their houses with strings of big lights too but I would never get them straight enough and it would drive me nuts.

So, then I start thinking…yeah, it’s hit me.  The commercialism of the season.  Here we go again.  It’s unavoidable.  But, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  I believe that you can still enjoy it all, not get sucked in and not have to isolate yourself to be safe as long as you check your attitude. So, I recognize where I started to get sucked in by the whole thing and I’m able to laugh at myself.  Thanks for the help, Linda.  Your writings always give me a chuckle.

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