Update to last post….

During my studio tour, customers can pick beads and different stringing options.  Sometimes they need a cord size that I don’t already have made up or I have to order a different thickness.  Or they’ll choose a few beads and design with me right there on the spot to come up with a piece that appeals to them.  If I don’t have everything I need I’ll put the components/beads that I do have, into a baggie with their paid receipt and a detailed description of what the order is.  After the show (and after I’ver dug out and reorganized my space so I can work again) I go back to the orders and start constructing the pieces and get them ready to ship or deliver.

I’m a little afraid of being able to identify my supplies now because I also keep some of them in ziploc bags.  Like my coils of sterling wire.  I keep them in a file cabinet, each coil in it’s own large sized freezer ziploc bag with a sticker on it labeling what guage it is and wheter it is dead soft or half hard.

Well, I just found a ziploc baggie with three partially constructed lariats in it.  That is not a problem because, like I said, that is how I keep them separate until I am able to work on them.  My concern is that that baggie has a sticker on it that reads:  20ga DS 4oz.  So I’m wondering…where the heck is my 20 guage, dead soft sterling silver coil of wire? 


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