The worst part of a studio tour…

I cleaned so well for the studio tour that now I can’t find anything.  ARGH!  And not only that, but my mom helped, which was awesome, but she has a way of cleaning.  Can I hear an Amen from those out there with mothers that love to rearrange and clean your house?  Well, it sure does look neat in here but I’m finding things like sterling silver ear wires in my frit jar that is clearly marked “Deep Aqua #1”.  I guess if the frit was out on the work surface and not actually occupying it’s container that it lost it’s home.  That explains why today, when I was trying to clean up my work bench that there was the odd frit in a bowl that I couldn’t, for the life of me, find it’s conatiner…and I am a bit anal about organizing and labeling my frits and enamels so it really boggled me.  Like mom says…you snooze you lose…and Aqua Blue was taking a nice little nap on my graphite marver…those sneaky ear wires slipped right in.

Back to re-organizing and uncovering more treasures.  I still cannot find my telephone wire that I use to wire beads to cards nor my more delicate bead reaming tips.  You should have seen me cleaning 1/16″ bead holes with a monster diamond bit.  I was lucky and there was no chipping around the holes.  MOM!

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